Monday 18 August 2014


Freedom is to be free,
to do anything that is good for me,
but remember others should have a chance,
to live their life, to sing and dance.

To tease and bully are not your rights,
to do such things is such a fright,
to break rules, jump ahead in line,
is going to cost you hundreds of fines.

To live in a free country is such a pleasure,
to be happy to umpteenth measures,
I will respect my freedom an responsibility,
and not let down my abilities.

Saturday 22 February 2014

fiza and its themes

our journey through Fiza, was better than any other,
and didi's been just, like our mother,
the themes we, had i love them all,
going out so big, coming in so small.

air, resources and the father of the nation,
and in the theme of space, what is the beginning of creation?
textiles, land forms, spices, was all about India,
and a huge help for our projects, came from Wikipedia.

Mohenjodaro, civilisation,
the great bath, was a public bathing station,
this, year, for, the, first, time,
we had swimming but oh no! the bell has chimed.

human body, the legs, arms and the skeleton,
and also learned that 7000 is the temperature of the sun,
this time spent in Fiza was greater than ever,
and more than just fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday 12 October 2013


8 planets in the solar system,
one declared a dwarf,
they all circle the sun,
well maybe not but sort of.

mercury is the nearest,
to the shining sun,
59 earth days for rotation,
88 for the around the sun run.

venus is the second one,
it doesn't have a moon like mercury,
i wonder if the aliens have a fight,
how it is solved since there is certainly no jury.

earth our very own planet,
is the third one in line,
here we have many living creatures,
and humans drinking wine.

mars is quite like earth,
known to have found water and life,
a skeleton of  not a human,
a boy husband and wife.

than comes jupiter the largest planet,
he is totally a gas giant,
the red spot on him is actually a storm,
it is the longest client.

saturn with all it's rings,
circles right behind jupiter,
it's rings look smooth though are very rocky,
think it's becoming rockier.

than comes uranus,
the god of the sky,
it's very cold there,
once you come out you need a fry.

than there is neptune,
with the great dark spot,
it's a never ending storm,
a million times bigger than a pot.

then comes the planet.
which is smallest of all,
it's pluto you guessed it right,
he's cold and very small.

8 planets in the solar system,
one declared a dwarf,
they all circle the sun,
well maybe not but sort of.

                                                                                                                              - utsa

Tuesday 8 October 2013

life of a busybody

life of a busybody,
is not something you call easy,
they are all very active,
not at all lazy.

but me as an exception,
a sudden busybody,
I used to be lazy,
now I can't be.

just coz my parents,
started this company,
no trips to goa, Secunderabad,
in a weather which is sunny.

right now i find it tiring,
later i may not,
endless ladoos, endless bars,
35,40,100 in a lot.

a company which is called,
grainny's is what we're running,
all the cakes and the energy bars,
even after using millets are coming out stunning.

i hate to be a busybody,
it's so tiring you hardly get sleep,
i hope i'll be fine later on,
and won't be getting to bed counting sheep.

                                                                                                                   - utsa

Friday 4 October 2013

A fight

sometimes your parents fight,
till the middle of the night,
they shout at each other,
but dada doesn't seem to bother.

mom starts to cry,
dad starts to fry,
they both are very angry,
tries to stop them my nanny.

sometimes others fight too,
everybody stays quiet shooo!
sometimes late sometimes soon,
comes out the bright moon.

they are friends again,
gone is all the pain,
everybody is a family,
my father gave my mom a lily.

                                                                                                                              - utsa

Monday 30 September 2013

Totally awkward!!!!!!!!

the houses are in the sky,
and clouds are on the ground,
and even if the slightest noise is made,
it creates a terrific sound.

the bird sings horrible,
and the cricket sings nice,
the elephants are very small,
and huge are the mice.

the eraser erases,
and the pencil erases too,
the children keep quiet,
the adults say boo!

the birds are walking,
the humans flying,
oh! I just noticed,
my dad is crying.

girls hardly have hair,
boys have a lot,
old food is new,
and new food is a rot

the peacock has brown feathers,
the peahen has blue,
when you do something right,
what people do is sue.

                                                                                                                                      - utsa

my cat lemon

my cat lemon,
is a big exception,
to cats of the sleepy sort.

jumps like a monkey,
reacts like donkey,
he is quite tall not short.

some times a sleepy head,
he rolls on the bed,
my friend said he is quite active.

he is quite small,
just a year that's all,
he is cute and attractive.

he bites me all the time,
his nature is sour like lime,
that is why we call him lemon.

he eats and scratches,
food he catches,
he could sometimes be a little demon.

he sleeps with me,
you could come home and see,
and he just loves our peacock feathers.

he claws and claws,
you should see him jump i saw,
he just spoils all the leathers.

                                                                                                                                    - utsa